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Anvil Drop
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

10139 Longoria St.
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Founding date
July 22, 2013


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Our Philosophy

When we as a team first sat down and typed up our first “Who Are We” pitch, what resulted was an eloquent arrangement of buzzwords and hyperbole similar to what you might see surface from your typical fancy-pants insurance firm — but that just isn’t us. We’re gamers first and foremost, not faceless suits looking to pummel you with a hard sell. We’re passionate about our work, and more so: our incredible fans.

So we threw out the hollow sales jargon and collectively agreed to be entirely open and honest about who we are and what our products represent. We’re a close group of friends whom share one clear goal: to create awesome games and have fun while we’re at it.

We’re ambitious and not afraid to take crazy risks in order to push the creative limits of what’s possible. We wholeheartedly believe that it will be our unique ideas and commitment to to excellence that will set our games apart from the crowd.

What we’re working on

Anomaly 1729 is our released debut title — an innovative puzzle platformer with a unique world-rotation mechanic that’s flourished from a university project into a fully fledged game. It’s the result of a hard-working team pouring their hearts and souls into a vision they believe in. Anomaly 1729 is our dream come to life.

Anomaly 1729 was officially released on Steam on December 31, 2015.

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All logos make use of a transparent background.

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