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Discussion in 'Anomaly 1729' started by Matthew Lo, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Matthew Lo

    Matthew Lo New Member

    Forgive me if I am being demanding or annoying or something because I'm not a programmer but I think if the legs/ waist moved while you turn on a point so that the character doesn't slide around might make it more realistic?

    The game itself seems pretty interesting and I feel that the only thing stopping me from getting this game is that the robot feels really static (always anchored to the same spot on the screen), maybe if the camera angled slightly more to let the player see further in the direction that he's turning (camera tilt I think its called)? It doesn't need to be major but these subtle differences are what differentiates a flash game from a fully fledged PC/Console game.

    Thanks, please tell me if this wasn't the direction you wanted your game to go and I am more than happy for you to tell me what you're looking for. :)
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  2. Steve Powell

    Steve Powell Community Guy Developer

    Hi Matthew!

    Firstly: Welcome to the Anvil Drop Community Forums!

    And thank you for your feedback! You're not being demanding or annoying at all; the best way for us to improve our game is to listen to what our community has to say about our work, and incorporate as many of your great ideas as we possibly can. Keep that feedback coming!

    I know exactly what you mean. We're committed to making Ano (the name of our adorable robot) look, feel and behave as lifelike as possible. He'll be adventuring with you for the duration of the game, so we want to make sure he's exciting to watch and follow.

    In case you haven't seen it yet, do please check out our latest publicly available pre-alpha gameplay trailer below, which features pre-model-swap Ano going about his business in one of the game's unfinalized chambers:

    The rotating animation wasn't present at the time of recording that trailer, but we're improving Ano's movements all of the time, and his anthropomorphic motions are becoming more realistic with each new milestone we reach.

    Also, I refer to this version of our character as 'pre-model-swap Ano' because our team is currently working hard on developing an awesome new model for Ano, one which is a radical -- and, again, awesome -- departure from our first iteration. We'll be releasing screenshots and concept art pieces of the new design soon. It's awesome! ;)

    Sounds like a great idea, I'll run it by the team and see what can be done. The only slight niggle that might arise with such a mechanic would be potential disorientation if overly done. But if it's a feature that'll help make Ano feel that little bit more lifelike, then it's something that we'll definitely explore.

    Thank you again for your feedback, Matthew!
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  3. Atrositi

    Atrositi Administrator Founder Developer

    Hi Matthew,

    Like Steve said thank you for the feedback. I actually do not have much more to add, Steve did a great job addressing your feedback. The one small bit I will add however is in regards to the camera tilt. We will take a closer look at this and see how we might tweak things. Steve is right though. Our initial concern will be the disorientation factor when the player is levels that are rotation heavy.

    Thanks again for your interest in our project. Tell all your friends! We have a lot of exciting news coming in the next couple months, as draw closer and closer to our Kickstart campaign launch. If you like our game we will need your support to help bring it to the finish-line for all to enjoy.

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