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  1. Anomaly 1729 is out!

    Anomaly 1729 is out!

    Hey everyone. This is Donald. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the project now that it’s all said and done. Well, mostly done. Of course we’re going to continue to support and try to get the word out about Anomaly. We’ve already had some really nice feedback so far, and are […]

  2. Design Conundrum

    Design Conundrum

    Hey everybody.  This is going to be a weird blog.  I’ve been going back and forth on a design problem in my head, and I’m hoping I can get somewhere with it by writing it down.  And I’d thought I’d share it to let you in on my design process, which in this case is […]

  3. On Going Dark

    On Going Dark

    Hello everyone! Long time no see. So the last blog post I wrote was on the 13th of November, over eight months ago. There have been a few changes to happen at Anvil Drop since then, and I wanted to go over some of those things here. So, where to start? I guess with the […]

  4. Anomaly 1729 Influences

    Anomaly 1729 Influences

    Influences are a wonderful and dangerous thing. When you’re making a game, it’s great to have a touchstone you can go to when you run into crazy design problems. Games in similar genres to your own most likely faced the same design issues you may be running into, and being able to see how those […]

  5. The IGF Build – Where We Are Now

    The IGF Build – Where We Are Now

    Update time! So we just reached a pretty big milestone (well, we’re very nearly there at the time of this writing) and I wanted to give some updates and take a step back and look at the project as whole. So we’ve wrapped up development on our build for the Independent Games Festival. We’ve been […]

  6. Player Feedback in Anomaly 1729

    World rotation is awesome. We all know this. But there are a lot challenges that come along with creating a game around the idea, especially when you’re inside the thing that’s rotating. It’s difficult to keep track of the environment, of your goal, and it can sometimes feel like you’re not in control, which isn’t […]

  7. Chasing AAA

    Chasing AAA

    I want to talk a bit about the techniques and philosophy behind Anomaly 1729’s art style and presentation. It’s a broad subject and it covers more disciplines that just my own, but I wanted to give my view on why the game looks the way it does, why we made the decisions we did to […]