Anomaly 1729 is out!

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Anomaly 1729 is out!

Hey everyone. This is Donald. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the project now that it’s all said and done. Well, mostly done. Of course we’re going to continue to support and try to get the word out about Anomaly. We’ve already had some really nice feedback so far, and are going to be trying to get the game in front of as many people as we can in the coming year.

Having said that, the experience of the game is complete. And the experience of development is complete, haha. Part of me is going to miss the late nights, and long days, of solving design or technical or art or story problems. I’ll miss all the time spent tweaking material colors, effects, and jumps. I’ll miss playtesting a new feature, then hunting down all the bugs for said feature. I won’t miss the menus, though. Working on those things was awful. But above all else, I’ll miss working with the people at Anvil Drop. This was my first game, like many on the team, so I’ll always view Anomaly as the game that taught me how to make games. At some point I’ll try to put into words all the lessons I learned on the project, but there’s not enough time for this post.

What I want to do here is thank everyone that helped make Anomaly 1729 a reality. The team truly took this project from just a student project to a full-fledged game on Steam, and that’s saying something. They helped take the game that was in my head and put in on a screen. And I’m truly grateful to every member of the team for that. I also want to thank Jeff and Paul specifically for all of the business and back-end stuff that I never could have done on my own. That stuff is all Greek to me. And of course thank them for going on this crazy ride with me.

Lastly, thanks to all who supported us through development. You drove us to give everything we had to this project. I hope you enjoy the game.