New Cube Screenshots? You Got it!

With great power, comes great graphics.
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New Cube Screenshots? You Got it!

New engine, new Cube, new opportunities.

As alluded to by Donald in a post made earlier this week, Anomaly 1729 has received something of an upgrade with the transition from the relatively tame Unreal Development Kit to the mighty Unreal Engine 4. And with this framework migration comes new opportunities with which to make our game’s world just that little bit (read: a heckuva lot) prettier.

It’s still early days, and our team of talented 3D artists still have a lot of Cube to beautify, but the foundation has been laid. The full game will provide a great many puzzle chambers to explore and conquer, and they’ll all look even more incredible when our artists have worked their magic on them, but we couldn’t resist the urge to showcase how a handful of rooms inside the strange alien structure are shaping up thus far. Check out the gallery below for just a taste of what’s to come.